How to book a photographer

findr simplifies the finding and booking of the right photographer by giving you all the information you need to book a photographer within minutes.

This guide will help you make the most of the site.


Finding the right photographer starts with the search. We enhance searches by filtering by service, location and availability right from the start.

Use the search boxes to specify your needs.


Results are displayed by relevance.

First are profiles displaying the calendar icon. This indicates that the photographer has synchronised their calendar and confirms their availability on your chosen date.

Following results are ordered by distance from your chosen location.

Browse by profile or location view.

Making shortlists

You can use the favourite button to save shortlists of preferred photographers as you browse.

Then quickly access your favourites from the dashboard, without having to search again.


When you've decided who you want to work with, making a booking couldn't be easier.

Click the Book button.

Choose the photography service you want to book.

Confirm the date.

Select the start time.

Check the details and include any extra information or questions.


As soon as the photographer has confirmed the price and details you'll receive an email. Click the link to go to the booking confirmation.

Review and confirm the price and final details...

...and make your booking!

Your payment choice depends on what kind of customer you are.
Frequent or business users can apply for an account and pay by invoice.
Consumers are re-directed to our payment page.


At every stage of the process you can message photographers directly. Get faster replies and spend less time searching your email for lost messages.

Search assistance

findr is very young so there may be times when search results don't meet your expectations or needs.

To help out we've developed some simple features so that you can always find the perfect match.

Navigate to these features from search results or from the dashboard.


We've worked in photography for longer than we care to admit and we've built up an international network of service providers. Use the recommendation form to tell us what you're looking for and we'll reach out to our network to match you with the right talent.


We understand that sometimes you might not have time to search.

Post your job details and relevant photographers can send quotes directly so that you can make your selection in your own time.


An advantage of posting your request is that it allows our community to refer the opportunity to their own network.

Referrals allow non-members to see the opportunity, create a profile and when approved send you a quote.


You'll receive an alert for each new response.

Responses are listed together for quick comparison.

View the full profile of photographers by clicking on their avatar

When you've decided who to hire you can book them in two clicks!