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findr enables better interaction between customers and photographers by building and maintaining reliable networks of professional talent.

We help you identify and book the best possible professional photographers faster and more efficiently by answering key questions in advance of any enquiry.

Where, When, What and Why to work out Who.

Clearer information = Smarter hiring


Photography for small businesses. Branding, marketing, promotions and products.

Quickly and easily commission local professionals for every photography need

Competitive, fair pricing with options for every budget


An extensive network of reliable professionals at your fingertips

Manage your photographers more efficiently or let us manage everything for you

We make sure you're working with the right people wherever you need them


Contract photography services for high frequency, international needs

Full service recruitment, procurement and management, anywhere in the world

One point of contact, access to thousands of photographers


Licensed software for a self managed solution

Procurement, resource management and promotion with your own branding

From small teams to multinational organisations. A scalable solution for everyone. Get in touch to find out more

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