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We're automating the process of finding and hiring photographers. Bringing efficiency and opportunity to the photography industry.

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How does findr work?

findr complements your existing online presence. Showcasing your skills, location, pricing and availability to give clients the information they need to go ahead and book you. Promote yourself to an audience that is both local and global.

This is just the beginning. We're developing fast and will be constantly refining and improving findr.

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Who is findr for?

findr is built by photographers for photographers. It's for everyone who provides a professional photographic service.

We enable anyone to find the right work for their experience and ability and give them the resources and management tools to succeed.

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Like to find out more? Talk to findr directly - alex@findr.me

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Who's behind findr?

findr is being slowly and carefully crafted by a small team of experienced photographers, picture editors, entrepreneurs and developers in Edinburgh.

If you're interested in helping us grow, get in touch.

Alex Hewitt

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Findr was created by Alex. He's a freelance photographer, former UK national newspaper picture editor and co-founder of Writer Pictures. He wanted a solution to simplify how photographers were found and commissioned, so he came up with the findr. So far it's about 15% finished.

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